Sgropìn is a refreshing Italian beverage that's made by mixing champagne, vodka and lime sorbet ice cream. It's often consumed in between courses or as dessert. Traditionally it's made on the spot by a server. Amsterdam-based company Monte Scroppino found a way to prepare this somewhat luxurious beverage using specialised machines. Simplifying and speeding up the process for restaurants and bars. Next to the machines the company also makes premixed packages that consumers can easily enjoy at home.
Refreshing concept
Accenture Interactive invested in Monte Scroppino. Seeing that we already were responsible for their website the company now approached us to create a mobile app that matches their cheeky brand. As Accenture Interactives's Art Director it was my task to come up with a concept and the accompanying UX and UI for the app.
Not what it seems
The concept I came up with is 'Weather Front'. A little black book* app which fronted as a weather app. A specific characteristic of drinking a frozen beverage is the frost on the outside of the glass. So to access the little black book-section of the app users needed to scribble a secret pattern within the frost shown within the weather app.
* Little black book: Name for a man's pocket directory of (hopefully) promiscuous women.
Feature rich
Users were able to:
• Maintain a secret calendar;
• Store photos and videos without them showing up in the OS default photo gallery;
• Send encrypted messages through a built-in chat service;
• Meetup other users of the app at bars and restaurants serving Monte Scroppino (location based dating).
Appointment reminders, incoming chat messages would all be posing as notifications coming from the weather app.
Although the concept was approved by Monte Scroppino and the complete UX and UI was completed the app was halted during the development stage. This was due to the cooperation between Monte Scroppino and Accenture Interactive ended prematurely.
"Christian knows mobile. He has a vast knowledge foundation on top of which his concepting and design work is built, and an excellent grasp on the business/commercial aspects of the industry. His interfaces are meticulous and stylish, and he has a particular talent in coming up with the 'delight' idea to incorporate into the apps he is working on."
Nick Mueller
Creative Director at Accenture Interactive

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