Building a future-proof platform
In 2019 I joined Talpa Network, the Netherlands largest media-tech company, for a complete redesign of their Video On-Demand Platform KIJK.
The platform, which was part of a larger acquisition, was kept in idle mode for almost two years. With content consumption shifting towards online Talpa decided to invest in the platform.
Next to bringing the platform up to par compared to the competition the task at hand was creating a responsive design library that could easily be applied across devices.
Content discoverability
With the new version of KIJK we shifted from a light to a dark colour scheme for the interface. Hereby enabling users to focus on the content without being distracted by its environment. In line with this philosophy, we decluttered the interface from unnecessary information by researching what information users expected, when.
To create a more immersive experience we added large header images and sized up the default video player. Additionally adding a minimised version of the video player when the user decides to navigate the platform. Hereby never interrupting their viewing experience.
An additional point of focus was aiding content discovery. We designed several components to promote content that can be added to the homepage. Next to adding the ability to create content rows based on a common theme.
And as a cherry on top we were able to keep the user flow tight to ensure one-click content consumption, from the landing page, for the user.
KIJK 2.0 launched in the 2nd quarter of 2020 to critical-acclaim.
Resulting in a massive boost in-stream starts. Racking up 2.2 million unique views a month. A hefty increase in comparison to the previous version of the platform.
PIC: Images above show several newly designed components to promote content on the platform
Research was key
Design that is purely based on assumptions is doomed to fail. That’s why the research was a staple in our design process at Talpa.
A major question we asked ourselves was: How can we subtly apply branding to our platform without compromising the user experience?
Underneath this paragraph, you’ll find an insert of research I did on platform branding.
During this research, I applied heat maps to screengrabs of competitor platforms. Enabling us to figure out the ideal placement of branding throughout a platform.
In addition, I looked at how competitors branded their ‘Original’ content. This was of interest seeing KIJK has some formats exclusively produced for the platform.
PIC: Part of competitors research done specifically on the subject of platform branding
Creating a strong brand
Redesigning the platform was just a part of my tasks at Talpa Network. I kept a broad focus and was able to help out other departments involved with KIJK to ensure our vision for the brand would be upheld across all channels.
This included:
• Advisory role surrounding the promotion of KIJK via our traditional broadcasting outlets
• Expanding the branding guidelines. Clarifying how you are able to apply the brand
• Providing art direction for our Smart TV apps which were developed by a 3rd party
• Laying groundwork for KIJKs social media creating easy to use graphical templates
• Creating an image treatment guide which stated what assets need to be in place before content can be added to the KIJK platform. Ensuring i.e. high quality cover art.
"With our team, we were able to revamp Talpa’s VOD platform KIJK. By implementing an Agile way of working we were able to deliver a solid platform, quite rapidly, in a fast-moving and complex industry. Christian was a valuable member of the team. He’s a true advocate of design thinking with a keen eye for detail."
Norman van Ameyden van Duym
Product Manager Video at Talpa Network
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