Did you ever search for a product on the Internet and after you bought it you kept on seeing banners promoting the product you just bought? That's just irrational and there's a fix to it: the Crumble Chrome extension.
How does it work?
Crumble intercepts 3rd party cookies and controls what information is sent back to the web tracking companies, stopping trackers from following and profiling you via cookies based on the sites you visit. Because, we control rather than block 3rd party cookies, you will get the full website experience; no broken plugins, no missing content, no weird behaviour. But wait! There’s more! Unlike other extensions that promise you a similar thing, we are doing all this by identifying the type of the cookie and not by keeping a blacklist of trackers. This allows us to block new trackers as soon as they appear. No waiting time, no updating any list. Instant action. This also means that we do not offer preferential treatment to trackers (aka whitelist them) unlike some other extensions.
PIC: Research on how to display notifications within the Chrome extension icon
What are the key benefits?
• Prevents online tracking companies from creating your profile via cookies based on your online browsing.
• Does not break the user experience or hide any content on the websites you visit.
• Shows instantly who is tracking you via cookies on websites.
PIC: Chrome extension variations.
What I brought to the table
Chrome extensions come with their own set of rules and like we know restrictions force creativity. Next to a self explanatory UI, enforced by the use of vivid colours I also came up with the name of the extension: Crumble. Claiming your presence in between other extensions, within Chrome's toolbar, also turned out to be a challenge which we overcame.
Reviews are great and if you want to give it a try you can find the extension here.
"Christian has been an important part of our innovation design team for 4 years. I am pleased to vouch for his high standards, attention to detail, and well-developed sense of visual style. Christian has been our lead visual designer, with notable successes in defining and rolling out brand identity."
Maurice McGinley
Design Director at Avast Software

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