Not able to sleep because this idea keeps on popping into your head? A creatives, an entrepreneurs blessing and burden at the same time.
First World Problems
This is how Enabler came to mind. At the time that crowdfunding was the next best thing I couldn't get a grasp on why crowdfunding was primarily used to fund grand concepts and ideas. Why not peoples daily dreams? Those hot new sneakers you're craving.. but don't actually need.Enabler, a personal crowdfunding platform, enabled users to start their own campaign. Users would need to buy credits with which they could in return back others users their campaign hereby enabling to start their own.
For several months I worked on the concept together with renowned UX designer and personal friend Jonathan Davids. We set up the overall CVP (customer value proposition), tested this and made the concept presentable.
User Research revelations
The process we followed, which included user research, uncovered some essential flaws of the concept. Although the knowledge gained turned out to be a valuable take away.
Work balance
Jonathan and I work well as a team, constantly questioning each others decisions and pushing one and other to get the best results. Although the base concept was my personal brainchild Jonathan helped a lot giving the overall concept form. UX was mostly driven by Jonathan while I figured out the branding, app styling and UI.

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