So who's Christian Gravemaker?
Seeing my choices in career and education are already well documented using my portfolio, the timeline shown below and of course my LinkedIn profile I'll use this entry to try and let you get to know me better on a personal level.
I was born and raised in the city Amsterdam. Brought up by a strong single mom. I've got an older brother who's a successful entrepreneur.
My biggest influencer in design is Dieter Rams (Braun).
At Avast Software we were asked to take a Myers Briggs test. A psychological test of with the result places you into one of sixteen personality profiles. This would benefit the working relationship with our colleagues. Although I consider myself a very grounded person I was surprised by how accurate my Myers Briggs profile ESTJ seems to describe me. Be sure to give it a quick read here when you're interested.
Straight to the point
There's a lot of things I enjoy. One of which is renting a boat with friends when it's nice weather outside and roaming the canals in the city centre. I'm also a big fan of visiting music festivals in all types of genres. Although I love traveling I have travelled too little over the last couple of years. Hopefully I'll find the time to do so more often in the coming years.
I've got a dark sense of humour. Sarcasm is my tool.
I'm straight to the point, of course keeping other peoples feelings in mind. It speeds up a whole lot of things.
When it comes down to design my speciality lays in designing graphical user interfaces. I'm less skilful at photo editing. Knowing your strength and weaknesses is an important trade I believe.
Where I lay my head at night
For the last 7 years I've been living in the Southeast of Amsterdam, also known as the Bijlmer. There's somewhat of a stigma on the neighbourhood seeing it use to be a bad part of town (1980-90's). Over the last 15 years it has completely been renewed. My high school is situated in the same neighbourhood so I'm no stranger to the area. I live in a bright top floor apartment with a modern interior and a grand view of the city. It can honestly compete with the view from the ADAM Tower.
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